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Our Farm

Welcome to our farm pages. Sorry for our bad English, we hope you can understand it...

Our farm is a versatile combination of modern and old agriculture. We use old fashioned ways, combining them with the latest technologies. The main purpose is to live in harmony with nature and animals. Some call it permaculture or whatever, we call it life.

Since people seem to need money for living and so do we. And that's why we sell our products and services... and offcourse to bring happiness to our customers!

From below you will find our services and offcourse you can allways call us for more information:

+358 50 536 6116 Nina 

Our farm address is:

Ravioskorventie 151

19370 Nuoramoinen

You can find us from Google Maps by name Korven Karitsa and Vaellustalli Starhill Stable.

Horseback Riding

(Available all year)

You can choose from half an hour walkaround riding to more than three hours forest riding. You don't need any riding experience to take part. Just call Nina and ask for suitable times. Maximum weight for the rider is 90kg.

- 1/2 hour (walkaround) = 25€/horse

- 1 hour (forest riding) = 40€/person

- 1,5 hour (forest riding) = 55€/person

- 2 hours (forest riding) = 65€/person

- Campfire trip with horses is     105€/person and it takes more than 3     hours time.

Sysmän Akka -natural cosmetics

(Available all year)

Nina have learnt to produce some cosmetics using only natural ingredients such as spruce resin and natural (essential) oils.

Nina also likes mythology and she does some retail sale with selected products.

You can find some Sysmän Akka -products if you visit our farm and from online store (only Finnish)

Before visiting our farm you can call Nina to make sure we are home and that we have the products you may like.

Sheep Products

(Available all year)

We raise traditional Finnish sheep for meat, wool and skins (and as caretakers of the nature). You can find our sheep products if visiting our farm.

We hope you call Nina before arriving to make sure we are home and that we have the products you may like.

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